● Animation

Format : TV Series 5min_30sec X 52 episode
Genre : Comedic Adventure
Type : Full 3D CG Animation / HDTV
Channel : KBS, KT

● Synopsis

Trouble maker mail boy “KAMBU" is dispatched to Mystery Island post office. Everyday new mails is delivered to the post office. KAMBU and his friends deliver the mail to all of Mystery Island, solve friends problems in each region, and get closer. Before the mail is delivered, unimaginably mysterious regions and mail-receivers of the Mystery Island are wating for KAMBU and his friends... The Fantastic story of KAMBU and friends unfolds.

● Major History

- 2011 KAMBU in Mystery Island Invited to Annecy Int. Animated Film Festival
- 2010 Awarded‘KAMBU’, Korea Contents Award, Character Grand Prize
- 2009 Awarded‘Best for Pre-school in Kid’s Jury at MIPCOM Jr.
- 2008 Awarded the Japan TBS DigiCon6 Silver Wing Award(2nd Prize)

KAMBU Preview Image
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