Major History


  • Kids WORLD 6.0 renewal Launch
  • Selected as Global Star Venture – Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • Selected as Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode Main contents
  • Launched at Kids WORLD Chinese version on Chinese Android Appstores: 360, Baidu, QQ
  • Entered Strategic Partnership with Google
  • Entered Strategic Partnership with YouTube
  • Contracted with Nickelodeon for development and Service Agreement
  • Contracted with Cartoon Networks for development and Service Agreement
  • Entered Strategic Partnership with Young Toy and Launched YoungTV
  • Launched e-learning Portal APP (Apple, Google, Samsung)
  • Platinum Sponsor of Seoul Character Licensing Fair 2015 (Kids WORLD)
  • Participated MIPCOM and MIPTV
  • Participated MWC( Mobile World Congress) 2015


  • Launched Learning WORLD for SAMSUNG
  • Received Republic of Korea Mobile App Award ‘Special Prize’ (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)
  • Received Fund form STIC Investment
  • “Kids WORLD” Certified Good Contents Service from Ministry of Science ICT and Future Planning
  • Pre-installed “Kids WORLD” on Samsung Galaxy Tab S in China
  • Kids WORLD Strategic Global partner with Amazon App Store
  • Strategic Partner with Naver App store
  • Strategic Partner with Japan SMART PASS and App store
  • Atlantyca (Italy) mobile Licensing
  • Tencent (China) “袋鼠跳跳 “ Service Agreement
  • Kids WORLD Film co-marking with Disney, Warner Brothers, 21 Century Fox Film
  • CJ Educations Mobile Contents development and service Agreement
  • Developed and launch of Galaxy Tab Kids Phonics
  • Developed and launch of L.G Kids Pad2
  • Participate MWC( Mobile World Congress) 2014
  • SKB Mobile Content development and service Agreement
  • KT OIC “SMARTREE” Mobile Content development and service Agreement


  • Nominated as ‘App of 2013’ by Apple Store
  • Social Contribution MOU with Green Umbrella Children's Foundation
  • Mobile Service MOU with Hyundai ( Poly ‘Traffic Safety’)
  • Co-promotion with Seoul Land and license of KAMBU amusement park
  • KTH Mobile contents development and service agreement
  • Daewon Mobile contents development and service agreement
  • Developed a solution, content and service for SAMSUNG Kids Tablet & Kids Mode (Korea, U.S.A, China, Europe, Australia, Singapore)
  • Developed and provided contents to LG Kids Tablet ( Korea, Russia)
  • Contracted with McGrawhill for development and service
  • Contracted with KTH Contents for development and service


  • Launched the world’s the best kids’ education App portal, the Kids WORLD • Launched the SMART@KIDS service
  • Launched KT Olleh Kindergarten service
  • Developed the Learning Hub service for SAMSUNG Electronics
  • Developed the T Smart e-Learning service for SK Telecom
  • Developed Early Childhood Premium Service for Tencent (China)
  • Acquired Kambu character business
  • Developed Interactive App Book – Magical Chinese Writing Series
  • Developed Doosan Donga Kids’s Text Book, Perfect Score i e-Learning Service • Developed BLUEPIN Mobile Interaction App Book 5.0 Solution


  • Developed Interactive App Book – EBS Television Contents
  • Received investment from Tencent (China); Selected as Tencent’s Partner Company
  • Patent: e-Learning Study & Evaluation Solution
  • Developed UX Engine for SAMSUNG Electronics


  • Developed Multimedia Interactive Viewer for LG Electronics
  • Patent: Contents Provisioning Device for Smart Devices
  • Developed mobile applications for Naver (3G, Wi-Fi)
  • Filed for Patent: e-Card System Using Mobile Device
  • Opened BLUEPIN R&D Center; BLUEPIN registered as Venture Company (KOVA)