CEO Greeting

We will strive to create the most competitive company with highest priority in listening to our customers.

Since its establishment in 2010, BLUEPIN has been engaging in R&D business and mobile application business in wireless telecommunication field.
The company has been making continuous and relentless effort to acquire competitiveness that satisfies the ever increasing demands of our customers.
All the employees of BLUEPIN are striving to create an organization with highest competitive-edge by fully leveraging years of accumulated experience.
BLUEPIN will continue to innovate to lead the information & Telecommunication Era of the 21st Century and become the company that truly contributes to the society.
BLUEPIN will not only make every possible efforts to ensure employee and customer satisfaction but aspire to create a wonderful world for everyone.
On behalf of the company, I sincerely request for your continuous love and interest in BLUEPIN.

KIM JUNG SOO / Chief Executive Officer